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Dr. Leslie Milfred is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 482 reviews from around the Web.
If you've got a cosmetic issue you want addressed, he's got an excellent eye and will give you options as well as his strong opinion of what's best.
Gently, detailed, caring, that treats me right. Never any complaints.
Dr. Milfred and his fine staff are just wonderful! I've been with him since 2007 and can only say I'm happy I'm his patient!
Dr Milfred and his entire staff are kind, gentle, and knowledgeable.. They also pay attention to the little things.
My initial appointment/intake was very thorough, and this practice of thoroughness has continued throughout all of my appointments.
I think Dr. Milfred is the very best dentist in Portland.
Outstanding dental care. Very friendly doctor and staff. Always enjoy going in for a visit up. Highly recommend.
I highly recommend him.
Les is an awesome dentist! His skill and expertise is unmatched in entire Greater Portland area. Vio Angheloiu, MD
Dr Milfred has been my dentist for 14 years. He's the only dentist I trust, has a great bedside manner, great staff. His office is clean, in a great...
When I first came to him, I had not seen a dentist in a number of years (mostly because the experience at a previous dentist was so unpleasant and...
Best downtown office! Convenient, beautiful office and excellent staff. Highly recommend!
Just the best dental care I have ever had, and I have over a half a century of experience in the dental chair and have VERY high maintenance teeth. Go here...
Dr. Milfred and his team are always top notch. I have been going to him for 24 years, and they never disappoint.
The best dentist in the city.
Everyone in Dr. Milfred's office is always incredibly caring - Les and his staff have been making me comfortable for more than 30 years!
Most thorough initial exam ever I'm a returning patient, gone to neighborhood shop in the interim. Very glad to be back.
1130 SW Morrison St., Suite 450, Portland, OR 97205 USA
Dr. Leslie Robert Milfred Portland DDS (503) 227-4410 (503) 227-6007 [email protected]